@Jimbob, do you like Troma movies?

Troma Movies are mostly known for The Toxic Avenger, but they have a pretty wide array of films in their catalog.

I love Troma movies myself. They’re certainly an acquired taste. (Or a lack of taste LOL!)



Hey bud. Not familiar with these movies. I have to admit I have awful taste in movies lol!

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Oh I have quite a few guilty pleasures myself when it comes to movies. :wink:

If you’re interested in the wild world of Troma than The Toxic Avenger is probably the best place to start.

Just don’t watch it in front of children, or any parents for that matter.

LMAO :joy:

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I kind of want to watch bloody stuff and not be triggered by it. I used to be a normal ■■■■■■■ teen playing mortal kombat and FPS games and things. Was gory as heck.

Now I’m oversensitive. It’s actually denying me huge parts of life. Can’t stand it.

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