I've never eaten cole slaw?

So what’s it’s like?


The posh stuff is lovely if it’s home-made…
The other stuff is quite nice too
I’ve never had sauerkraut or roll mops and I’m half German
coleslaw is a Mix of sweet and savoury mayonnaise flavour


Oh. I really like Cole Slaw. It’s good. Try it with pineapple.


Cole slaw is really great, especially as a side dish to a nice rack of BBQ ribs :star_struck:.

My grandma used to chop up green apples and throw some pieces in there— gives it a hint of sweet with some tang.

Never tried pineapple in mine, but it sounds awesome.


I agree. Go big or go home.

You can also get a variant with red cabbage which is quite nice (but different).

This thread is making me hungry

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Lucky you! I wish I had never tasted it ever. Absolutely vile stuff. :face_vomiting:

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Im gonna pretend I didnt hear that.
I used to love cole slaw as a kid.


Its really nice i like it with jacket patatos

Ive never eaten cole slaw either.
I’m not crazy about cabbage

I eat it every now and then. If you like cabbage and mayo you will like it.

i cant eat mayo. i gag uncontrolably.


Cole slaw doesn’t have mayo in it.

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Well at least you can tell I haven’t made it myself. Thought the dressing was mayo. What is it made of instead?

Yeah that’s another thing, too much mayonnaise kind of makes me feel sick too @Quehead

I make a mean cranberry coleslaw that goes nicely with pulled pork.

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KFC coleslaw is the bomb…

But nothing beats mamas potato salad. Mmm mmm good!!!

I’m a weirdo. I don’t like cole slaw and I’ve tried it lots of times because of people saying how good it is. I do like cabbage, just not coke slaw

its my favourite fillin on a sandy

Cole slaw is nice with pelau and zaboca

I make my coleslaw with Greek yogurt instead of mayo. It’s not bad.