I've got my vape liquid for the next month sorted

I buy in bulk (5 litres) and then I decant it into small squeezy bottles. 4 squeezy bottles last me a month.

(5 litres lasts me about 6 months.)

But I always leave the decanting till the very last minute due to motivation issues.

Today was the last minute.

But like I said, I’m good for another month now.


Is it unflavored? How much does that run you a month? Nicotine?

I spend around $60 a month of vape supplies and would like to cut that down.

Good for getting sorted.

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Omg 5 liters of vape juice? I thought I was getting a lot and its just 500ml lol I buy 500ml when I get 20% off. I am very picky about ejuices though, I tried a ton including Chinese ones. Now I just use the one I like its made in Canada watermelon 40mg/mL Nicotine Salts.

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I get all my vape supplies from China AliExpress except for the ejuice. Its cheaper than here.

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Do you purchase your ejuice from China?

Btw ejuice expiry date is 1 year I read.

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It’s unflavoured 100% vg , 7mg nicotine.

It probably costs about $30usd a month.

Try these guys :

I ordered from them previously, before I found my current supplier. They’re based in the usa.

The problem is the fda got a bit strict on bulk buying eliquid I think.

But set up an account and log in to see what wholesale offers they have now.

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Not from China , I get it from a UK based company.

These guys in fact.


I just got a huge ass bag of bulk chai tea, so my liquids are sorted for the next bit as well.



5 liters in 6 months is more than me, I do 720ml in 6 months but I use a small 10W pen vape UWell Caliburn. I guess you use a big box mod vape?

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Yes, a sub ohm box mod.

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I have a sub ohm Smok G Priv 2, used it for a long time but since I am staying in bed it leaks so now I use a pod vape, it doesnt leak when I am laying in bed. I used to vape at 100W, tried 120W but it was too hot. What wattage do you vape at?

Only 19.5 watts !

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Its 30-35% cheaper than here. I will try ordering a sample to try if they ship to Canada.

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Thanks dude, I’ll look into them.

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Their website is confusing.

Try this page there.

Or even cheaper :

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i buy mine from https://www.88vape.com/ (Uk based).

Pound a bottle - but i buy 25 for 22 quid.

Lasts me a couple of months.

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4 squeezy bottles 60mL or 100mL lasts a month?

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