Any good uk source of bulk e liquids

@everhopeful you got a good source of bulk e liquids. Blue star is gone now

They just changed their name after they were taken over.

They’re now :

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When I went to their site it said they were not taking card payments and referred me to another site. Seemed a bit weird

I think you can use paypal.

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Just checked. Only accepting a bank transfer or Bitcoin. Not feeling secure about this

Uh oh. :astonished: this ain’t good.

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Yes, you’re right. Crap.

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I don’t know what’s going on. Doesn’t fill me with confidence though

Me niether…

This is currently bad news.

You could import from the usa. I’ve done that before from these guys.

what about vype? i heard those were properly tested but not sure they are still in business. i had a look, not sure they do cbd

Scratch that, the shipping costs to scotland are $94 now.

I buy from DashVapes but its North American.

They have a UK section so they ship to UK.

I think @Naarai knows about vape juices in the UK.

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You get the nicotine and unflavoured base and mix them together.

Worth considering.


Nice. Nevr heard of them but will have a look @everhopeful .

Use 88. vape. com. Usually.

I never buy from corner shops. You can pay 3.99 (ÂŁ) for 1 10ml bottle. Better to buy online and in bulk, if your too lazy to mix your own juices like me.

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@everhopeful smash e liquids is accepting card payments again!

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That’s a huge relief !

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Except no PayPal anymore but takes cards though.

Might try the nic salts route