I've decided to calm down


Sorry for venting here with my last couple of posts. I shall accept my fate of enduring this bs.


No need to apologize Bryan - lots of people vent on here, we are here to support each other


Thanks man. I just get rather embarrassed for not managing myself better. I just get so frustrated.


please don’t be embarrassed its the wholepoint of the site to offer support to people who are struggling im glad you’ve calmed down takre one day at a time.


s’ok bryan. everybody goes through ■■■■, normie or otherwise. the only difference is, here we have someone to talk to…many people in fact who will understand. and everybody does understand so don’t feel embarrassed ok? it’s all cool. you’re more than welcome to vent anytime and there will always be support for you here. much love, jayne


Thanks to everybody. Hit a rough patch. Try and learn something every time.


This forum is one of the best places to vent. It’s a great support network


i vent but then the jedi :rabbit: bunny brings me back to reality…!?!
got to go secret :squirrel: squirrel is phoning me from the ’ death star '…
take care from the totally sane, not mad at all :alien:


Sometimes half the problem is your reaction to it.


Hi Bryan,

I am glad you are feeling better today. I read one of your posts yesterday, and I felt as if I could have written it myself because it was exactly what I was experiencing. I was going to respond, but I was afraid I would make things worse for you. For what it is worth, reading it made me realize that I was delusional and needed to take a higher dose of my Seroquel (under my dr’s permission)

So, I am grateful. Thank you.


I thought you were doing great. But your right… it’s 100% frustrating.

After having some great days… It’s hard when some of the glitches come back. It’s harder still when you’re doing everything right and the glitches happen any way.

But little by little it sounds like your getting through all this.

Celebrate the good days
it’s hard… but try not to focus on the bad ones.

Good luck and I’m rooting for you.