Hi guys I'm new here

Hi guys,

Been reading for a while but new poster here. Guess you will see me from time to time… I’m a mess at the moment :frowning:


Welcome to the forum!

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Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

jesusjones, i really like your username.

welcome to the club

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Welcome JesusJones - I just want to say that “right here, right now, there is no other place you want to be” than here.

So please - join in the conversations, share your struggles - you’ll get a lot of empathy and coping ideas from your friends here.


Welcome to the forum

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Great user name! Welcome to the forum! You’ll find a lot of support here xo Take care.

Howdy howdy howdy!


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Welcome aboard, participation facilitates good mental health.
Post often for best results, be civil and supportive, sit back, and enjoy the flight.

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@Jesusjones, hey welcome hope you post more. Everyone here is pretty nice

Hi JesusJones! My name is AllahSmith, meet my cousin BuddaRogers, lol.

I’m sorry you are having a hard time but I’m sure you will get something from these forums. Stick around!


Welcome @Jesusjones … I am positive that you will like posting here :slight_smile:

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@Jesusjones Hello!!
Welcome. Hope everything is going on ok. There is always a Fog around my head!!

Welcome. At any given moment any of us might be a mess. This is a good place to come for support. :heart:

Welcome to the forum!

Hopefully we can talk sometime, i’ll tell you all about volcano induction and causing either good weather or bad weather.

Not sure about the earthquakes yet though.

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Welcome to the forum JJ. :slight_smile:

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Hi, welcome to the forum!

Welcome to the site and I hope you get better soon.

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Mooooo! I hope you get to be less of a mess.

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