Iv got so much energy and so much anxiety

i keep remembering my uncles and my dad calling me donkey hitting me calling me rain man from the movie but they would always turn around and say they sorry and that they promisè me they would put me in special school and then when i grew older evryone called me crazy and they would laugh and say i needed to be in mental instution


My family calls me that now lol

Say you are member of the FIGHTCLUB now. As you went from selfhelpgroup to selfhelpgroup, cause of their doings.:slight_smile:

That’s terrible sweetheart. I’m so sorry they were cruel to you. As adult they should have known better than to tease like that. Sometimes the adults that were in our lives let us down in the worst possible ways. They are supposed to protect us but instead they hurt us. You didn’t deserve to be treated that way.

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