It's true that people born blind don't get sz

Well, we can’t all be blind. I still wouldn’t want to be blind, though.

Thats false, I read that blind and deaf ppl can get sz too and they can even have visual and auditory hallucinations. I wonder what they hear and see.

It’s only true of congenital blindness. I Googled it.


Oh ok, then the article I read wasnt about congenital but blindness that occured later in life.

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I wonder why it protects from sz. Maybe they can find the cause and help others not develop sz

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I could agree

My eyes have seen extreme sights

I think the simple explenation would be that there is more risk of devloping psychiatric conditions the more impressions and input we get, especially in this age of internet and cable tv, there is endless entertainment and impressions. A lot of jobs also requires people to take on a lot of impressions. There are probably people who are not affected by it, but with myself I know I get poor mental health if I spend too much time on screens. Sometimes I just have to go totally analog, listen to music or radio or even have it totally quiet can feel very rejuvenating.

No, it’s just they can’t read the doctors diagnosis.

It’s congenital cortical blindness. Most likely has to do with neural reorganization.