Blind people don't suffer from schizophrenia -- and the reason could help us

This is particularly unusual as there are very few medical disorders that may be protective against psychosis (the already-notorious example is rheumatoid arthritis).


So u reckon schizophrenia could be in our eyes ?


That made me laugh…Personally, I think it’s in our poop!!!


I had vision problems after my bad drug trip…started to cause me psychosis and ■■■■.

Or our cats poop.

I’m waiting for a singular study on the cause of sz.

Seems There are too many factors for science to handle at once at this point

One day…

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It is not blindness, and it is not congenital blindness either. It is congenital cortical blindness. Can’t be that hard to get it right.

Also, it was not discovered in February 2019. We had pretty strong evidence of it even before that study.

Basically, not a very well-written article.


I read the article - I don’t see where they said how knowing this would help. Did you?

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You mean the study? I only read the abstract when it came out. I’m barely able to keep my head over water with my studies as it is. But it looked like pretty much a pure replication (but a needed one) with a better (and bigger?) data set.

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I only read the article - looking for “the reason could help us” part, didn’t see it.

I guess any increase in knowledge is helpful, but if they have a specific idea how knowing this will be helpful, I didn’t see it.

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All I know is there are at least 2 competing ideas about how this protective effect works that could shed some light on how schizophrenia develops. But I do not remember anything about potential treatments from when I read the previous studies on this.

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so its a seeing and looking problem ,i would tend to agree

I have rheumatoid arthritis and schizophrenia. Some luck.

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Good thing. How much would that suck? Blind and schizophrenic.

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