It's tradition

Every summer my Dad and one or two of my Uncles rent a rather big boat for a few days, find a lake and go fishing with us kids and cousins. I just got the call to see if I was up for going this year…

My favourite reminisce was when my kid sis was 5 and my slightly younger brother was 15. We went fishing with Dad and my Uncle. My brother and my sis got into a big argument and my 5 year old sis was winning. So my 15 year old brother picked her up and just threw her overboard.

She had on a life jacket. She was so angry; she paddled away. She was going back to the shore for ice cream. Dad kept calling her to come back and she was just paddling away as fast her arms would go. I had to jump in and go with her. We went to the shore and had ice cream.

a few years ago when my sis was 16 and my brother was 26, we were all fishing for the summer trip and my sis and brother got into a huge argument, so my brother picked her up and threw her over board. She was so angry she swam away back to shore for lunch. She made sure to swim around the boat a few times so she could scare all the fish away. I jumped over and we swam back to shore for lunch at the fish shack.

I’m not a fan of this brother… but I sort of hope he comes… because it seems like this is also a tradition. I would like to see my sis throw my brother overboard for a change. That would amuse me.


Don’t usually use this expression - I love it!

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