It's this kind of thing that makes a person sceptical about psychiatry and the intelligence of psychiatrists

Just been looking through my psych correspondence. There’s a copy of a letter from my then care co coordinator to my pdoc where she mentions to him I’ve spoken several times about my balance and difficulty with practical tasks . She then goes on to say I know that dyspraxia is quite hard to diagnose(something I never said). That was back in March 2008. Well I got an additional appointment on the back of that where the pdoc asked a couple of irrelevant questions and then rather huffily dismissed the subject. The subject has never been raised again by a professional although I occasionally drop the words dyspraxic and dyspraxia into the conversation. It seems to me completely irresponsible and bad clinical practice that a pdoc would dismiss something as a possibility after a few questions that really had no bearing on the matter at hand. Even if they had been relevant I doubt a 5 minute conversation would have been enough to arrive at a definitive yes or no as to the possibility of dyspraxia. It’s crap like that that helps people to be sceptical about psychiatry and the intelligence of psychiatrists.


They call themselves doctors yet they have no solid answers.

Psychiatrists tend to be dismissive if you have the intelligence and insight to have noticed things they haven’t picked up on. Then there’s the fact that if you have a psych diagnosis everything is seen through the lens of that diagnosis. The trouble is psychiatry in its ignorance fails to take a holistic approach. Couple that with the fact that a psychiatrist may not be the sharpest tool in the box and you have a recipe for bad treatment.


yep. Thanks for posting this. I have been ranting to myself lately. It is a lonelyy thing to do as misery always loves company.


My disability is SSUUPPEERR visable.(facial deformity). I can not leave my home with out a comment either verbal or implied (looks of disgust or shock or unwanted sympathy).

This happen about 1 time for every 5 minutes of public contact. (Stores, post office, dr. office, bus, any public place).

I once told him this trying to get it through to him:

"I just left home and not even 5 minutes a homeless man on bicycle stopped me. He was concerned. He thought I was beaten. He made statements of protest against who had done it. He wanted to confront them.

The most screwed people on the planet, with problems I will never know the extent of, stop and ask me what THEY can do for me. It is that bad. How do you think it makes me feel about me?"

Next appointment he asked:

" What do you think is causing your depression? Is there any thing going on in your life? How do you do during the holidays?"

Me:" - - - silience- - -"

cause I needed my concentration while sh!!&$@ a brick.

Side note: there are tons of psychology papers doing studies of those with more common conditions such as burn victims and cleft lip/ cleft pallet.

I just sit and wonder how long must I endure their willful ignorance.


You are quite correct. My old psychiatrist was like that. My new psychiatrist is willing to listen to my suggestions regarding medications and therapy.

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Tbh it’s ■■■■ like that that makes me not trust psychiatrists at all. They never seem to listen to their patients. I’m sure there are some good ones out there but most of the ones I’ve seen have been total quacks.

That’s why I trust psychologists more they definitely seem to try to listen better at least.

I’m really blessed to have really good and intelligent pdoc’s and psych nurses working for me. They are VA docs and nurses too so, I am doubly blessed. I am really proud of the Omaha, NE VA docs and nurses.

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the science isn’t always precise in psychiatry compared to other medical specialties. many of the measurements taken are based on subjective questionnaires or rating scales.

so psychiatrists are often brought to question concerning whether or not theyre “real doctors”. some of them are on the fence themselves. others don’t know.


The problem I have with pdocs is that (a) they select bits of what you’ve told them to take on board and choose to dismiss/ignore the rest (b) they are often not intelligent enough to see you holistically as a whole person.

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I’ve dealt with psychiatrists that seemed to be suffering from a certain tunnel-vision before. Same with a psychologist I saw a couple of times. Generic response, no real indication of seeing the bigger picture or any insight into their own advice and behavior. I’ve also had many tolerable or even good experience with others. They’re human too, they are all different and certainly capable of making mistakes. Maybe you need to find different doctors to help you. I realize that might be easier said than done.

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I’ve recently changed meds from invega to zeldox (geodon).

I had to suggest it, my pdoc wanted me back on seroquel or zyprexa which is chemical restraint imo.

My pdoc basically threw up his hands, summarised that I had been seeing him for two years and wrote me the script.

I was in crisis in the lead up to my last appointment. He got shitty with me on the phone (then pushed seroquel/zyprexa).

I think he’s sick of me?


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