It's so damned hot

I feel like stripping naked.

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It’s wet here today.

I found that dressing up instead of down has helped me a lot this year…Im wearing shorts and a hoodie…keeps me cooler

Raining here too.

It’s very humid here, but rain is not far off. It’s supposed to be cloudy and rainy for the rest of the week. I’m from Arizona, I don’t do wet weather. Screw Illinois, I hate this place. :angry:

It’s hot here, we are suppose to put in our new/used air conditioner but we haven’t done it yet.

The Rain City that I grew up in hasn’t had any rain in a long time.

We’re not supposed to hit 90 to 100… we’re the place of constant rain.

In some parts of the nation where I am it was freezing, well one day it was 28 celcius and then one day freezing.

A couples of years ago they had to add more colours to the Australian weather map as they had gone over the maximum temperatures. A few of the indigenous leaders say it’s just a normal flux in the worlds weather. That happens every few hundred years or so.

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