Its quite sad what my doc said in my back

She said in my back to my mother that ill always suffer from negatives. Briefly, that ill always be unhappy and sick. This makes me a bit mad :persevere:. When even our pdocs dont believe in us… is it bad? Hah…


In this case don’t listen to your doctor.
Continue taking the meds and work on getting better.
Doctors are not Gods - they don’t know everything.


Your doctor must think he’s a prophet. Maybe he needs a doctor!


I think docs are unconsciously destructive, dragging their feet for financial gain - They think “Tare them down so they can never get away.”

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I have realized this more and more

There is a difference between always experiencing negatives and always being crippled by them. Your doctor probably just means that you’re going to have to learn how to live your life in spite of these symptoms, instead of just lying around waiting for them to magically disappear. You need to choose to carry on anyways.


I hope that the doctor is trying to be positive, you may have issues but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve.


I’m not sure how this is different than telling a diabetic that they will need insulin for life? Just because you have the symptoms doesn’t mean they aren’t treatable or can’t be worked around. I’ve been told for 25 years to keep expecting and fighting against negative symptoms.

My cardiologist tells me that my heart will keep getting worse and I may need a transplant in the next decade. Nothing to take personally, it’s just how things are.


What your pdoc said behind your back is not nice, and also not really true. Some people with negatives can get better, it depends on many factors. Some factors are genetic, and we can’t change them. Other factors are medication, therapy, attitude. These can be changed.

Honestly, i start to become suspicious… is it some kind of conspiration against me??? All my ill friends have relatives who say to them that theyll get better. Am i the only one who has so pessimistic relatives? Wow… my sister says that a normal person wouldnt marry a schizophrenic. My mother says that nobody didnt recover from this illness. Wtf!!! Why i have the only family on earth like this??? Is there something wrong with my sis and my mom?
My mother is maybe special, idk… sometimes she says things like “if i go in prison ill be a leader there”. She thinks that she is very strong idk. And maybe she treats me as weak, i am not sure… is it strange for a mother to be like this?

It is a bit strange… a mother should love and support all her children… but maybe she is just tired and trying to act strong.

Why, why? Why all of you find strange my mother? I dont want to hate her… at the end, why she believes there is no recovery from the illness? Why my sister sees me as hopeless? Whats your theory andrey? My mom is russian. Maybe they are all strange those russians. But i really have the complex that all you here have better moms… maybe ill be forever strange with relatives like this. But maybe at the end, i just need to start love them more? Maybe i am like this cause i am not spoiled at all…

Here on the forum, I have met people with very bad mothers. I don’t think your mother is the worst. After all, she still takes care of you. But maybe she is tired of your illness…
Don’t hate your mother.
But she is too pessimistic. You can get better, I am sure.

It’s not your mother who has to believe in your recovery, it’s you.


Andrey, i am just suspicious now about her. I am jealous sometimes of others who seem to me quite spoiled even in their illness. Maybe i should talk to you that my mom for example keeps buying me bunch of clothes in the hope that ill go out one day you know… does this makes her better in your eyes? Hah…
Plus i find that the love should be primer in our relationships isnt it? Love should be in everything. Not my jealousy toward others or my suspiciousness toward the love of my mom to me, no? :smiley:

I have been told in 2005 by a psychiatrist that I saw a lot of time that there were no cure for my illness, that science was not enough advanced, that no medication could help me and that I would stay sick for the rest of my life. He also asked me to stop asking help to doctors and psychiatrists. I was so angry. :triumph::rage: I argued with him and I shouted at him that he was giving up!!! :rage::rage::rage:

In 2013, I finally managed to see another psychiatrist and she made me take an antipsychotic and it cured me in just some months.

So feel free to not believe what your psychiatrist is saying and prove him that he is wrong!


They are just wrong my brother got married just after his first episode. I have recovered remarkably well have a family, house, good job. We buy in to the stigma ,your family, maybe you have, I know I have. It’s a strong stigma, prove them wrong.:relaxed:

Its strange for me that you talk about episodes… my schizophrenic friends are like you… me, i have some chronical state. Maybe at the end, i am just borderline so thats why i am always stuck on one place since years…
Or maybe there are a lot of schizophrenics out there, chronical too, who cant even write.
Whatever, my state is chronical but not so acute for the psychiatrcis “standards”.

I am tired of others judging my mom… it made me a bit mad andrey that you judge my mother as strange… in my last hospital, one old crazy man told me that i am in a bad state because of my mom… which i guess is just dumb ■■■■… i am too good sometimes, i am pissed off being weak. Is your mother better andrey cause she is suportive? I guess mine is sad too. At the end, it was she the physical and mental victim of my father. Did you see that she buys me a bunch of clothes cause she wants madly from me to go out? Whatever

@Anna1 your doctor is a bad person.
You have hope to recover.
Perhaps a cure will be developed for your condition.
It is also possible that, you may improve to a certain degree by taking medications
and adopting a healthy lifestyle.
I urge you to take your med(s) , exercise, lead a healthy lifestyle,
try to go out more.
If you wish you can find friends and a boyfriend/girlfriend as a partner.
Good luck.