It's quite an expense for little ol' me!

Or else it simply created itself? Maybe you are not the figment but I. Maybe we all together are made up? What is the purpose when you degenerate and the lesson is over? I lost at the game of life, my worth is just about gone. Ever had these ideas? It’s termed an existential crisis. Nothing makes sense, it has no meaning, it is absurd. This must be where souls go to die. I’m beat.

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You have a value as a person so count the good sides of yourself. I don’t believe you are a failure so stay positive.

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Don’t let the disease win @Jinx . Keep fighting it.

I feel like I’m a massive failure too, to society and to my country. I feel really bad for people for putting up with me. They shouldn’t have to deal with me but I just tend to ignore these thoughts.

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