Do you forget what you are saying halfway through a sentence?

I’m pretty bad with this… It can happen quite a few times a day sometimes…
I think it has got much much worse over the past 5 to 10 years - was very rare when I was in my 20’s if it ever happened

Is there an explanation for this? Do you get it?


Could be thought blocking

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I just draw a blank

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I’m not exactly sure. What thought blocking is / did when I was acutely unwell have so much going on in my head that I couldn’t rephrase the sentence long enough to completely over saying to people… This is almost the opposite

That’s it!!
I will have a look at some more articles
It seems to be much worse thee days

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I find that since my diagnosis in 2000 it has become more fre …to …the…never mind.


If people listen to your half sentence and finish it for you then your still good. If people don’t listen to your whole sentence then your in trouble.

Yes that happens to me on a fairly regular basis. Especially in therapy for some reason.

When my grandma first started to develop dementia I realized she was having all the same problems as me. I believe my psychosis damaged my brain to where I basically have a mild form of dementia now, due to other reasons as well as the one I mentioned.

Yes. I get that. I also forget what I’m going to do. I stand up, and then I have to stand there for a minute while I try to remember what I meant to do. In my case it could be age. I’m 58 years old.

When I get to work sometimes early and my boss…???
Aww hell.

Yes, that and I invert words. I might want to say “sand blasting” and it will come out as “band slasting”. This was also rare several years ago for me.

It happens to me occasionally.
Blame it on the meds.
Blame it on the illness.
Blame it on aging.
Blame it on all three!

I don’t know your age @Thanna but it very well could be a schizophrenic symptom.