It's not really a disease, it's a syndrome

Heard this on NPR this morning

Story on a family in the 60’s
6 of their sons diagnosed with sz.

The interviewee said they all went thru the same things but didn’t totally rule genetics though
It was nowhere in the family.

I refer to my schizophrenia as an ‘affliction’…

“The state of being afflicted by something that causes suffering”

Disease to me is cancer, parkinsons, MS…dementia…etc.

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I have SZ with prominent negative symptoms and no one in my family have or had a mental illness.
Doctor’s don’t know why I have SZ.
I am doing nothing, 0 stress, and still have SZ.

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Disorder is preferred by me.


There’s a book coming out on April 7 about this family. There’s a link to an article about it in this thread.


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