It's must fill and Emotional need

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Maybe hoarding fills an emotional need. Or maybe it’s a family trait… In order to try and calm me about the box of rubber ducks, my sis pulled out a box of her own secrets… Spoons. Not collector spoons, or event spoons… restaurant spoons. She’s been stealing spoons for years. Just one, from almost every new place we’ve ever eaten as far back as she can remember.
Two boxes of miss matched spoons. She going to donate them to an artist who uses spoons in art. She says she was inspired by Spoon man. (He’s a seattle icon, was in a soundgarden video, still performs)
I’ve never seen so many spoons… it’s not just me.


I have noticed perseveration in myself, a tendency to do the same things over and over again in people with sz. I collected stuff. It is apparently meaningless and serve no purpose.

Hey @SurprisedJ you will begin school in January. How is the preparation going on? Have u prepared a mp3/tape recorder to ease the demands of listening comprehension? It will be hours long of sessions.

Thank you for your idea…I did get a small tape recorder so I could tape the lectures. My kid sis also mentioned she knows the teacher I have. He encourages people to take pictures of the lecture notes on the board. He’ll write out the equation and people will take a picture of it so they can follow along with more ease and not try to write as fast as he talks. So my kid sis got her small camera ready for me. That way I can use it in class and not miss any notes.

Already walked around the campus and found my class room, got my books, and all my supplies ready. After Christmas my kid sis wants to take me shopping for a good note book calender so I can write down when assignments are due.

I’m trying to think of anything else I might need.

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I have a passion for pens, notebooks, books, and stationary in general, I have lots of them…I won’t consider letting them go, I use them until they ware out.


My kid sis will steal your pen. She is a compulsive pen taker. She doesn’t mean to. She’s always surprised when I point out she has a pen tucked in her hair. That’s part of the reason why I end up in her room so much. I’m always in there looking for a pen. People are always chasing her down to get their pen back. She once spent four hours at Office Depot.

Lol, I would steal my pen back as well, I only take a pen if it was lost and has no owner or if the person has too many pens of the same kind so I take permission to have one, anyway the person won’t notice it gone…I don’t steal from individuals I only have an obsession towards pens. I just do what I can do to earn what I had my eye on :stuck_out_tongue: in a respectable way as much as I can, or go shopping to find a similar object to the one I liked and couldn’t have.

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