It's like sugar central at my house right now

Normally I try not to have sugar around. Everyday I want something sweet but I’ll improvise: tea, coffee with splenda, toast and jam, cereal with splenda - sometimes my son will bring me home a pepsi and or a candybar. But right now it’s mayhem. There’s cinnamon life, cookies, pudding, candy, toaster pastries, and juice. I could have any sugar I wanted. It’s crazy.



I decided against getting Halloween candy this year.

I’d eat it all.

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My stepdaughter has all the candy in her room luckily. And it’s all hers so I can’t have any. It’s a very good thing lol

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My dad gave up alcohol a number of years ago now. Moved to sugar.

We have chocolate, pastries and lollies readily available. My dad keeps a lolly jar that is usually full. All the kids love coming here but it’s hard to avoid so feeling your pain…Since giving up cigarettes I’ve found that a chocolate goes so well with coffee. I used to have a smoke and a coffee now it’s choc’s.

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