It's hard to tell if my brain is getting better or not

I was being heavily medicated, being on the maximum dose of effexor, rexulti, and risperidone. I’m off the effexor now and pretty much off the rexulti too, and I’m taking 4mg of risperidone instead of 6mg. I don’t feel depressed and I have only mild voices that usually just appear with background noise. I guess I just don’t feel good cognitively. It’s still hard to focus and think in general and my activity level is still pretty low because of that. It’s nice to know I don’t have to be heavily medicated in order to not have a lot of symptoms, but I’m wondering if the cognitive sluggishness I’m feeling could just be the lack of norepinephrine in my head, or if my brain still has a long way to go as far as overall healing goes. I know I definitely couldn’t be working or studying right now. I don’t have any goals at all, I’m just coasting along on disability.

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cognitive issues, it seems so,

but also I have procrastination

and lack of discipline.

I don’t know that the cognitive impairment gets better- meds or no meds

Goals are a big part of recovery. I wouldn’t be where I am now if I hadn’t kept setting increasingly difficult goals.


I’m with @velociraptor. I think you shouldn’t worry so much about your med doses and norepinephrine and your symptoms. Those are all relevant of course but for a lot of people (and it sounds like you’re one of them) they’re a blind alley that distracts you from all of the things you could be doing to better your situation.

You need to set incrementally difficult (but achievable) goals if you want to recover. Just because you can’t work or study now doesn’t mean you can’t eventually do that if you push yourself to do more and more.

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