Now that i am on meds

ok,now i go more easily outside. i push myself but i should do this… my worries are that i still cant think, everything seems senseless to me plus my emotions are a little bit dead… can this will pass away also? its not nothing to be on meds. as for others, they decrease the cognitive thinking plus are killing the emotions i think. i was doing in the negative emotions without them,it was hard also :/…

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I think it’s great your forcing yourself to go out of the house, it’s very important step.

As for cognitive decline, I don’t think it’s really like that. Like every ability, they need to be trained and exercized. You should try games that boost memory and thinking.

Are you taking any anti depressant?


no,i dont have ads… i think they make worse my feelings… or i get really agitated on them… but what if my meds will kill my emotions forever, is it possible? oh…

That’s not the way they work… You’re depressed that’s why you think you don’t have emotions, but the despair you show is an emotion, and the sadness and the frustration… Those are all emotions.

You should talk to your pdoc about an AD. I think you are really depressed, probably for a long time now and it’s not helping you overcome the fears of the schizophrenia.

Or try natural stimulants like exercizing, eating healthy and proper meals, three good meals a day, healthy food, lots of vegetables. Supplements also can help with those feelings. Omega 3 really helps my depression, and I’m also taking Ginko Biloba, it helps the brain circuits on memory functions and concentration.


Since I’ve been on Geodon and Seroquel I have found a measure of contentment. I enjoy the simple pleasures. I still have emotions, but not as strong as when I am off my med’s. I think I am about as comfortable as I can be with sz and being on meds. The atypical meds are the only meds I can think while on them. I’m an aspiring writer, and I can write while on Geodon and Seroquel. That was impossible while I was on Haldol or any other of the typical meds. I hate the typicals with a passion.


ok,minniie, ill talk to my doc. maybe a small dose of ad will help effectively as you say :slight_smile: i always believe that my depression is not as bad as my sz and i am still stubborn to get above it without antidepressants… i will make a lot of meds for me- an ap, depakote(thymoregulator) and antidepressant. i am also taking a ginko biloba like you :wink: i am afraid a little bit of antipderessants. i was hypersensible to lights on some aps, it will make one more chemistry in my brain…
i got this crimby,for me haldol was effective but the side effects were horrible. i dont have that on zyprexa. take care

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but even so i remain worried caus i really feel dumber on zyprexa now… somebody for whom the things got better on this level with the time? its just one month that i am on bigger dose… i was more aware before the med… crimby,probably you have an opinion if you achieve to write already? but i dont want to get wrong. caus i was a little bit dumb even without the med…

I feel that too, but it’s the psychosis. Our brain thinks its more aware when in fact its not. Tricky illness this one.

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yeah, maybe this dumbness is still the illness on itself. ill see my doc after the 9th noovember,we will talk on it but she cant help me really i think…i sometimes really have the feeling that i have some heaviness in the brain. like you know minnie,a bit while ago i was feeling my brain in my head. now, this feeling have decreased plus i have less headaches. probably a good thing :slight_smile:

You’re definetely not dumb. Remember this illness plays tricks on us, so does depression.

We need to learn to identify what is a symptom and not let them take control over our lives.

ouff,i am not sure about the antidepressants. ive tried them in the past with my ex pdoc… she saw by herself that they didnt give me a lot… i cant feel pleasure right now but in the past i didnt do anything to have it… so i remain hopefull that i cant come with the time… the aps probably is killing that also:/ as you say,it can take time and efforts…dont know anymore…

Anna - perhaps it would be helpful if you could print out this form - this “2-way Checlist” and fill it out before your doctor’s appointment so that you can be sure to discuss everything that is important to you.

‘The Brain That Changes Itself’, a Canadian documentary that includes a section on brain training as applied to schizophrenia. Skip forward to 22:50 to go directly to this section. It’s very inspiring.

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i saw the video, thanks :slight_smile: i do the same thing here with some games on Facebook etc…
besides that, my emotions are little bit killed by my zyprexa now… could this change in the future, is it temporary? no pleasure at all right now for the moment. i was anhedonic already without the meds… ouch, without meds i am a mess, now that i am on meds its not better still :confused:

Hi Anna, someone did a pilot study of Loving Kindness Meditation applied to schizophrenia for their Masters degree thesis. There was a strong effect on anhedonia, reducing it considerably. It also reduced negative symptoms. I’ve tried it and it works.

Here is an LKM video from youtube.