It's getting hot this summer

Does anyone else feel uncomfortable with windows open because of having heard hallucinations in the past that way from neighbours outside etc.?

I don’t like it too much but it’s just so hot atm.

can you use a fan? Another thing that helps is go take a ice cold shower. that cools you off for a while.


you could buy a headset. i wear it sometimes for different things. One a lawnmower man would wear.

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Fans are too noisy that also is unsettling cos I used to hear voices throu the fan noise. Plus electricity cost. I’m pretty budget.

But yes cold shower would help Thankyou

Yep I need one of these!

It is nice in Cornwall. I looked at the thermostat today it said 21C. I heard tomorrow is forecast to be the hottest day in the UK on record. :sunny::sunny::sunny:

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It’s gonna be in the 30s in London.


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38.5 at some places.

I don’t even know how hot that is :sunny:

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Yeah lol, glad I am not in London. :laughing:

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I got that summertime sadness

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I did. There used to be a neighbor that their window, when open, made me think people were outside. I learned, later, that their dis able adult son would call out for help. I called the police, once. Boy, was I embarrassed lol

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