Its friggin hard to take a nap

I cant sleep i cant …why me only …do u tak3 nap at day time …

When I’m not working, and sometimes after work, I take naps. I fall asleep sitting up, so it’s not really difficult for me to take a nap.

P.S. My boyfriend always gives me a hard time about sleeping so much. I have to keep explaining that it’s my meds that make me tired.

I know it’s hard my friend but exercise is really good. Half an hour walking is the best thing for you. If you can do more then great but set yourself little goals.

Take your antipsychotic at night … usually I have no dramas sleeping on zyprexa…I sleep way too much!

I can’t even sleep at night. Naps are impossible for me.

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Rispridal gives u less span of sleep …!!! I am on rispridal 4mg…life sucks…