It's about time for another heavy metal thread 🎸 🎶

Here are my favorite metal bands. What are yours?

Sepultura / and the two other projects by Max, i really love the guy
Iron Maiden (not a huge fan)
Savatage (underrated)
Gojira (i like them not only for their music but for their positive eco message)
Lamb of God (Randy Blythe also has a cool memoir about his detainment in Prague)
Fear Factory
Nails (now this is extreme and heavy)
Alice in Chains (if that counts)

Also I like a few death metal bands…
Hour of Penance

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Gojira, the eco metal band

I love Creed. Unfortunately they get almost as much hate as Nickelback gets, which I never understood. I always loved “higher” and “with arms wide open”

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Does Papa roach count?

I think so, although I’ve heard of them I haven’t had a chance to listen. Thanks

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No, you’re wrong. It’s Beatle time. Let It Be, Let It Be, Let it be. Whisper words of wisdom, Let It Be.

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I used listen to heavy metal when i was teenager. Loved slipknot and korn. My favorite was marilyn manson. I grew out of that type of music though

I like Opeth, but Lamb of god triggers some issues for me :frowning:

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