It was a 42-year journey

Last time when I visited this graveyard was when I was seven years old and now today I visited it again, in this graveyard people, who died in the 2nd World War, have been buried, when I was seven I used to live near this graveyard and visited it often, but now it took 42 years me to visit it again. I am currently taking a journey to the history of my town by reading some old local history books. Some stories are really fascinating, basically I have materials covering the years from the late 15th century to the beginning of this century (the 21st century), over 500 years.


Did you have to travel far to get there?
Is that the reason it took so long to go back?

No, it is in the center of my town, but I have not had motivation to visit the graveyard, but today I did and it was the good experience. I also had a journey to our local museum recently, it was the nice journey too and saw something new and different from my last visit to the museum.

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