It is good enough

Hey guys, I managed to answer every questions reasonably in the job interview. I get out my answers clear and concise. The communication process is effective. It is coherent. They are happy with my answers. There is a lot of candidates in the waiting room, I might not be selected but I am doing it much better comparing to last year.

I manage the stress much better this time. I can sleep again. Surprisingly, when I put down the trains of thought and sleep again, I find the sleeping quality gets much better than before. I feel more energy coming back. I find it is still possible to stretch myself and adjust.

I get better when I try. Thank everybody for your suggestions.


excellent, well done and i hope you get the job, sounds like you are doing well at the moment :smile:

keep it up x


This is great news. I’m glad you went to the job interview and did your best. You’re doing better now compared to last year, and in the next 6 months you’ll be doing better still.

I am really happy for you. :smiley:


:blush: Thanks, J.

I’m sending more letters. There are more working opportunities coming.