I went to the job interview

I want to reward myself for sth. It takes some travelling and a little hustle to get there. I’m glad I showed up. I’m having some food I like in a cafe.


Did it go well? Are you happy you went? :smile:

Hi @Minnii, I was not really good in answering questions. I dont think straight. There are 4 interviewers and I think I’m not giving the questions enough thoughts. I can elaborate better. One of them told me the job is very busy. I think I might not be able to handle a stressful job. If I fail, I might look for a job in the social enterprise. The pay would be little but if there is opening, I think I will try.

I’m glad I went to the interview. It is not easy to go out and meet a stranger these days. Actually, I can’t make myself attend interviews some times ago. I’m getting a bit better in handling stress.