It is eating up all my brains

Having all these taxing problems on my brain almost has me on a meltdown the kid yesterday asked me for the car so that he could go to work a hours drive away with me knowing how the kid drives I wasn’t fond of the idea but I did let the kids use the car after which I discussed the issue the kids vehicle was shot and have no money saved up for a replacement and still wanted to borrow mine for three weeks till he had enough money up now I am too old to go without a vehicle and I do want my kid to work but dealing with the problem is eating up my brains sure I can get the kid a loan with a bank and help pick out a car but after past experience with the kid and creditors the kid doesn’t pay on time and me forking out money for a car for the kid won’t have already worked out one and so has my girlfriend and was never paid back and I don’t believe what should I do

I hope you can figure it out DrZen.

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