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I don’t have a schizophrenia diagnosis, but it’s been a potential my psychiatrist has brought up. Mentally I feel broken since my first psychotic episode. I feel apathetic. I can’t experience any joy, and I feel disconnected from myself. I’m just a zombie. All I do is lay in bed. Zero pleasure from entertainment. No interest. I do not care about anything. All I do is lay in bed most days.


I feel like this sometimes

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How long have you been in this state?

Welcome to the forum and good luck on your diagnosis. :duck::duck::duck:

Are you diagnosed with any mental illness? Are you on any meds?

I have been this way for about six months. I don’t know if I’m ever going to come out of it.

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I am diagnosed with major depressive disorder with psychotic features, but my psychiatrist thinks I may have a psychotic disorder. Edit: I am on risperidone and Lexapro.


I am the same, its called negative symptoms. These symptoms often occure in psychosis or schizophrenia and in other psychotic disorders but also in depression. Its very hard to differentiate depression from negative symptoms.

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Welcome to the forum! First psychosis broke me too. I hope you can find a way to recovery. Keep working with your pdoc.

I think the only thing to do is keep trying things to help.

I am on 6mg risperdal, it sucks for negative symptoms. Try Abilify, I jad the least negative symptoms on it.

Abilify causes severe restlessness for me sadly. I’m about to try going off risperidone. Hopefully my positives don’t return in force.

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Welcome to the forum! Sorry you feel this way. I hope your trial of coming off Risperidobe works out for you. If you don’t need to take antipsychotics all the better.

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