Is this because of the sza

i cant even talk to people properly i get so anxious and my voice shakes is this because of the sza + anxiety iv never met anyone with schizophrenia or sza so i cant tell lol this really is bringing me down lately . i cant even talk to people on the phone. i avoid all social situations i cant talk for more than a minute before i get tired

Were you officially diagnosed as schizophrenic? :lion::lion::lion:

I have a hard time talking. Ì always forget words and struggle to find it and usually give up. It’s very embarrassing. Ì like it when people just talk about themselves and don’t expect me to talk.


i was diagnosed schizoaffective but i think they are both the same so i call em the same.

I rehearse conversations in my head, ahead of time. I am a bumbling mess if the conversation I practiced goes beyond that. :neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:


i rehearse conversations all the time even just the saying hi part . glad im not alone.


Saaaame :heart:


I’m the same way. I asked for a beta blocker called propranolol. It helps keep my heart from beating fast when I need to talk. I used it when I was the best man at a wedding an it went great. Now I take 10 mg daily

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i wonder if my pdoc would prescribe this lst time i told her i had anxiety she upped me 5 mgs on abilify lol didnt do anything to be honest

@anon84898315 abilify never helped me either.

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