Is there really difference being on the right medicine?


Being on the right medicine will help your life enormously??whats your experience is that right??


I was given haldol, navane, risperdal, prolixin, Zyprexa, stelezine and many more that I’ve probably forgotten. They may have helped active psychosis but I never felt quite right and still had lots of problems.
Edit Zyprexa makes you fat and can give you diabetes. read up on that one before trying it.

It was only when I tried Seroquel that things started to fall into place with a good doctor after 20 that were failures.

This is why I think there are different meds for different minds. I hope one day you all find the one that fits you! :smiley:


A few years ago I was on a high dose of Seroquel and Zoloft. I didn’t have many positive symptoms.

But at the same time… I was numb. I had NO motivation, I had no empathy, caring, nothing really hit me. No energy… I was so deep in my head… life felt rust brown and moving on without me.

The Seroquel got cut in half, the Zoloft got completely changed to the Xanax but only as needed and the Latuda got added. Since the Latuda has some mood stabilizing properties it really jump started me to get up more… do more.

The right med mix did some great things… but so did the right therapy… at the right time… when I was ready to stay on the meds and do the work.

I know it’s frustrating and after a while of nothing working it gets a bit soul crushing. But hang in there. Heres hoping you find that just right mix very soon.


Being on the right med’s can make a huge difference. I’ve been on most of the typical anti-psych’s - Moban, Stellazine, Haldol, Prolixin, Thorazine and a couple of others that I can’t remember their names, Miserable is too mild a word for how I felt on them. Right now I am on Geodon, Seroquel, and Wellbutrin and I feel so much more comfortable. These drugs are controlling my symptoms well too. It’s hard not to resent any anti-psych med a little because they weaken you physically, but I know I have to take them.


At age 18 went on stelazine
From age 31 been on clozapine. Find I’m much more"normal" on clozaril but on stelazine didn’t get issues I’ve got now with paranoia


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But brother,I thought you came off meds,or are you back on it now??


I found that being on the right mix for the first time in a long time gives me some stability that I haven’t enjoyed in a long while. All I can say is keep on trying until you finally find that magic mix.


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For me it’s a matter of mentally not-discomfort + keeping my symptoms curbed with what I’m on now. I was on something that made a big difference - a magic pill in some ways - but had to stop taking it.