Is the therapy worth it anymore?


I’m trying to decide if I should keep up seeing my therapist next semester or not. I feel like I’ve reached a stalemate with her and she just doesn’t quite know how to help me. The past few sessions with her have been largely mundane, us just talking about what was going on in school. She repeats questions a lot too, like have you told your friends and family about this, and the answer is always no.

Today I told her about the episode I went through during the long period of time where I wasn’t able to meet with her. When I explained what I had experienced she was baffled that others hadn’t taken any notice of it, and that I could just sort of switch gears when someone came in to hide what I was experiencing. (I really don’t know how I do it…people suck me right out of that inner world of mine…maybe it’s because we were pretty harshly punished as little kids for showing emotion in public)

Anyways she’s been a good listener, and I can tell she’s trying hard to understand, but mostly she’s just confused.

I’m trying to remind myself why I went to therapy in the first place. Desperately needing someone to vent to, and desperately wanting answers about my freaking weird life. The venting thing only half works, because I’m not always in an episode when I have my appointments, and I don’t really need to go see her when I’m not in an episode, because outside of them I’m fine. And I got no answers, and am now certain that I never will until I possibly research it myself far, far in the future if I get my own lab.

Should I keep going? Or not? To recap, pros: have someone to talk to, like the therapist and get along well with her

cons: It’s a long drive to get there, Therapy feels like it’s not making any progress because she doesn’t quite know how to help me


You could search around for someone else…


It’s exhausting for me to tell my story. One time was hard enough. I really don’t want to travel around telling a bunch of different people.


With therapy, you get out what you put in. I’d suggest continuing with your therapist but taking a more active role in the therapy. One thing about therapy, it’s not fast nor always a fix. It can be a long process. It also doesn’t necessarily need to be about your episodes, it can be about all aspects of your life. So when you’re not in an episode you can discuss other things.


Therapy isn’t always lucid. Much of it can be murky. That said, do you think a different therapist will be more able to help you? I can’t decide for you. Personally, my record in therapy has never been good. I think Freud would say the prognosis for therapy for someone with my type of personality isn’t good. I always talk about the same thing, and I get nowhere in therapy. What I talk about is the major cause of my illness, but I intellectualize everything. There have been times when I thought my therapist was arrogantly invalidating my experience. Therapists can be so arrogant.


Maybe keep seeing her but not as often? That way if you need her, she is already there and you can start seeing her more often again.


Her questions about have you spoken to anyone else is likely the therapist trying to make sure your ok in a practical sense outside of therapy.

If you have a psychotic disorder then imo therapy will only take you so far. Venting and generally talking about your experiences i think is a basic human need, regardless of if a person has a mental illness or not but expecting therapy to cure a mental illness is not helpful, that is my opinion. So to talk about your day i think it is helpful.


i see the clinical psychologist and for most of the time i think that nothing is happening…but it is.
personally i would encourage you still to go…but the choice is yours.
take care :alien: