Is the over advertising necessary

everywhere i look i see adverts for sarcosine and i wanted to ask if this was really necessary, when it was just at the top of the page it was ok, i knew it was there and i was ok with that but now it seems to be getting pushed into our faces on each thread, is this really necessary? i do not like over advertising.

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I agree i don’t want the forum to be riddled with ads. I hope it never comes to the point like youtube ads where every page you load you get a pop up you have to wait half a minute for.

I understand a few to keep the forum running but when it starts for profit then you have an issue

It helps keep the site going a bit.

It’s kinda like saying there’s too many billboards. Adverts are everywhere you just have to learn to tune it out

Or get an ad blocker of some sort.

On mobile I have no ads


I keep seeing the word ‘advertisement’ but that’s it. No pop up or banner.


Did you know a lot of companies spend more on advertising and marketing than the actual product itself. Let that sink in

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It is a little annoying/distracting having the adverts showing up in the middle of the thread between posts, but at least it’s a relevant advertisement (for sarcosine). And if it helps with financing for keeping the forum up and running, it’s all good.

Also, it could be a lot worse. For example, there is a depression forum I visit that has adverts popping up and recently it’s been a Cabela’s firearm advertisement that pops up right alongside posts having to do with depression, suicidal ideation, etc. Pretty inappropriate if you ask me and also somewhat darkly ironic.

On my phone all it says is advertisement at the bottom but doesn’t show anything :slight_smile:

I think the adverts show up when you’re not logged in on the forum site . For example, I see them on my tablet when I’m not logged on this site. But I don’t see them right now on my PC when I’m logged in on the forum site.

That is also true for other forums that I visit—typically if the site has advertising, the adverts show up when you’re not logged in—in fact some other forum sites state that the adverts will not show once you’re logged in.

I agree about the adds in with the threads. It makes me not want to buy that particular product. At the bottom, slightly better. At the top - yes.

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its right under your post here again, this is getting ridiculous

yes i like it at the top, its not too prevalent there and now i just think they are trying to force me to read it in order to buy it which is just not the case, i think if it is too in your face like that it would put people off,

i will need to stop coming here if it doesn’t improve (most will think thats a good thing)

You can all get AdBlocker, it’s a free extension and keeps the ads away!

The ads are financially helping the forum running, so they’re needed!


they weren’t needed as much before, they are using more of them, its not just at the top of the page anymore and i think that is scary, maybe they are desperate

also it could put people off coming here as not everyone will know about adblocker or whatever it is

sometimes there are two ads at the bottom

It’s a necessary evil. It’s everywhere. It’s a sad, frustrating fact of life.

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If the advertisement is located on the top or bottom, it’s OKay for me. But now, it’s way too much as the ads intrudes the midle field of the thread and makes your reading of the thread broken. Very annoying!

i installed an adblocker for my mac but its not working