Is suïcide a sin?

I know how that feels dude. It happens to me all the time.

I’m not trying to bait you or argue.
If you can’t tolerate people disagreeing with your worldview, maybe you shouldn’t be on a site where you have to interact with people who are going to have widely differing opinions.

You tend to word your views as if they’re the truth, and I was just trying to tell you that’s wrong. Your opinion is neither right nor wrong, but because it’s unprovable, it’s not a fact, it’s “just” a belief or an opinion, and you need to show you’re aware of that, and that you can tolerate people disagreeing without thinking they’re out to get you.


Would be a very cruel God to send suicidal people to hell. They were already suffering in this life, they shouldn’t have to suffer in the afterlife.


Last i remember suicide was a sin in the christian world and people can’t just pretend it will all go well the pain will be worst on you mentally and physically if you attempt buddy. So don’t do it and hang on we all need support.

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Of course suicide isn’t a sin. Are people who jump out of burning buildings commiting a sin by voluntarily ending their life? No. They don’t jump out because they want to; they jump because they have to. It’s the same with life - sometimes the flames of life are just too hard to deal with… It is not sinful.

Suicide must still be prevented at ALL costs though - suicide is NEVER the answer. As has already been said, miracles do occur and the chemistry of your life may soon dramatically change. You just never know…

Always try to complete your mission in life.

and what makes your view point any different? i dont agree with you, you dont agree with me, there is no need to report me, what makes your view point any more valid than mine?

Nobody had to, there is always a way out of despair…

i think what you say is different, jumping from a burning building is not suicide it is survival, suicide is not a life and death decision it is a choice, it is a very bad choice and it has consequences, to think of doing that and everything to be rosy is just wrong, you are making things worse not better by doing that. [Removed by moderator]

I didn’t report you, someone else did,

[Removed by moderator]

You’re allowed not to agree with me, that’s not what I’m frustrated about. I think you’re missing my point here.
Do you get it now or do I have to repeat it a third time?

What’s true for you might be a lie to me. If you act like your opinions are the only true word, you’ll be stepping on a lot of toes because it’ll seem like you don’t respect the fact that there are other viewpoints that are just as valid as yours.

Also, your tendency to take disagreements or challenges on your viewpoint as personal attacks concerns me.
You have to be able to tolerate being disagreed with without taking it personal or acting like you have an inferiority complex. It might just be your paranoia or insecurities acting up, but the fact that you don’t seem to consider that and just jump right to “This person thinks they’re better than me” is kind of frustrating.

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i dont agree with you, could you please stick to the original topic

I’m not sure I understand what you’re disagreeing with, but sure. Let’s end it here.

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@Resilient1 I know you want the rules to apply to everyone, and they should, but in the future, instead of getting into an argument and having to flag someone for posting something slightly religious, please just avoid posting something slightly religious to start with and thus also avoid getting into an argument. I’m not closing this thread just yet, but I have it on my watch list. I’m glad you both ended this argument in a civil manner.


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