Is schizophrenia genetic?

I bring this topic up because sometimes I feel like, while on meds, that I don’t have any mental challenges. But when I’m off them the symptoms show up. Also, I think there is some mental illness in our family. Some of it diagnosed by a professional and some of it not. But there was also some trauma and stress in our family early on and later too. My dad would say he was a firm disciplinarian but I would say he was abusive with my mom and my two brothers. I’m not positive this could lend itself to a higher propensity of sz but I think so. Also I’m 57 now but when I was first diagnosed I refused help and was forced into the hospital against my will. I found this deeply traumatic too. I don’t think this episode in my life helped much either. Anyway, the true causation of sz always haunts me. Maybe some day they’ll be a blood test for it but that opens up a whole new can of worms.

its genetic, no doubt about it.

I think a lot of people on antipsychotics go through this. I certainly have . You can get to a point when you are doing fairly ok maybe because the meds are working and the stressors are low and you forget how it was before the meds.
I call it the " I don’t need anti dandruff shampoo because I’m free of dandruff " syndrome.

So much M.I. in my family… I honestly believe the genetic switch to Sz was in my head at birth…

I’m sure my drug use flipped the switch into the on position.

My son’s Sz I believe is genetic. My first cousin is paranoid schizophrenic, my mother’s sister had some mental illness and substance abuse problems, there was a first cousin of my mother’s who was probably Sz but was never diagnosed. He just never did much, stayed with his parents all his life and everybody just wondered what could be wrong with him. And my uncle calls this abundance of mental illness in our family (my mother’s side, his sister and my mother – sorry so confusing!) Anyway, he always called it “the Howard madness.” And for some reason, I don’t know why really, I just felt like my son would be afflicted. Mother’s instinct? Even back when he was an infant, I just had a “feeling,” and it would make me so sad. My daughter does not have Sz. BUT she has two-yr-old fraternal twins, a sweet boy and a very spunky little girl! What are the odds they could inherit Sz? My daughter worries about this!

I recommend you read up on preventing schizophrenia - here:

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schizophrenia is genetic i got schizophrenia for my great grandmother studies have proven it

No - like virtually all medical conditions, its genes plus environment that results in schizophrenia. The fact that only approximately 50% of identical twins get schizophrenia proves this. If it was purely genetic - then 100% would get it.

I don’t have anyone with sz in my family…

my father had some kind of mental illness. i have an oncle who was a bit crazy also… my father died from it and alcohol :confused:

My direct, maternal great grandmother died at Worcester State Hospital in Massachusetts in 1934. I don’t know why she was admitted, but I’ve always wondered if I could have inherited something from her? I didn’t know my direct maternal grandmother that well, and my mom was never diagnosed.

My great grandfather was like the naturopath in his village. Some sort of shaman. Maybe i inherited the crazy vein.

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Hi! Okay I’ve seen so many posts about this. I personally have a genetic disorder so let me explain.

Right now, no single gene has been located to cause schizophrenia. However, there are a few “schizophrenia, susceptibility to” entries on OMIM, which is a genetic disorder database.

We’re not entirely sure of the mode of inheritance. It’s mendelian inheritance, but we don’t know if it is recessive (both parents are carriers) or dominant (one parent has it, but other doesn’t) or de novo mutation (developed spontaneously).

Usually in recessive mode of inheritance, both parents carry the disease but they don’t have sz.
In dominant forms, some cases are from one parent only.

So… idk. No “for sure” answers. That’s all I know.

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I think it’s like a cancer cell; everybody has it in them but something specific triggers it to spread.

No one in my family on either side had schizophrenia, before my mom and I. And we both had bad lives with stupid men harassing and lying about us. I think its a big cop-out blaming everything on genetics. I think they know its caused by abusive people.

I have 2 sons diagnosed and my mother and her brother and myself. Seems genetic in my family anyway. Oh and no histories of trauma so who knows

I have one uncle, possibly two that suffer from psychosis or sz I’m not sure which one, it’s all secretive

Father had delusions, impulse control, and addiction issues.

Uncle had delusions, anger issues, addiction and maybe heard voices he had no insight into.

Aunt told me about her whispers once.

Grandmother had delusions of grandeur.

A great aunt spent time in a ward.

And my great grandmother on my maternal side died in an institution.

I was doomed from the start. I’m one of the last of my bloodlines, and I won’t have children, this branch of “whatever disorder or another” dies with me

My grandmother had sz real bad. Just awful. She got ect back in the days when it was less refined as nowadays. The ect kinda fried her a bit

I have no family members that have a history of schizophrenia. I’m the first of my kind. I suspect I got it from government time travel experiments and or aliens. Nobody believes me though and I have received no help or compensation.