Is my husband having a mid life crisis? Should I go along with it?

My husband sat me down and dead serious told me he wants to quit his job and go live in the woods.

Like “Into The Wild” ■■■■.

Build our own shelter, hunt/grow our own food, stay out there for a solid year.

Sell everything we have for it and start fresh when we come back.

He had done research and kind of had a plan.

We’re getting older so if we do this the time to act is like next year.

I have a lot of concerns,

But am not opposed to this idea.

What do you think?


Kinda envious not gonna lie…. But what about meds?? Might be hard to get them if you’re in the middle of nowhere. That was always my concern. Interesting idea but always risky especially involving MI. Did you come up with a med acquisition thing as part of the plan??


We’d both have to get off all our medications or make on trip to the doctor quarterly.

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If that lifestyle suits you. Will this be just to support himt and his crisis. Or do you both want that lifestyle.

Sounds like a lot of work. Once you leave (CA) it’s econominally hard to comeback.


This sounds like a really terrible idea. You should try to talk him out of it.


I could get into it, maybe.

And we would never leave California.


This sounds worrisome.


He’s on blood pressure medication that I’m sure he wouldn’t need if he were in better shape.

And he would be if we lived in the woods and had to physically work everyday.

Also, I’ve been off APs for two years now.

I’ll be fine without medication.


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In my opinion I don’t think that’s a good idea


Do you have a lot of experience camping?

You might start there and see how that feels.

Also on Airbnb I’m sure they have some wilderness experiences that might offer a little of what you’re looking for temporarily to really test your interest.


You married the Unabomber?


the part that worries me is “sell everything we have and start fresh when we come back” that confuses me, come back from living in the woods? You cant be serious. Selling everything you have for a temporary wilderness lifestyle is not smart. You’ll end up regretting it. Sounds too grandiose or manic for the real world. I’ve seen documentaries about the homeless living on skid row, just because you will be in nature wont make it any less dangerous though, maybe more peaceful. I think a better thing would be working on a cleanup project or buying some property and fixing it up. fixing up an old property is popular in CA and would be a fun hobby, worthy investment especially with real estate prices right now. But giving up on everything you’ve been working on sounds depressing and foolish.


Did the Unabomer live in the woods?


Sounds romantic, but I think it’s a bad idea @Charles_Foster.




My husband has a very established career.

One that he can always go back to and make a lot of money.

We’d be selling everything to put into savings anyway.

Waiting for us when we decide to come back.


My parents own a few acres of land on a mountain in WV. My grandpa sold all the family properties, including the fam. cabin which I think was supposed to go to my mom but didn’t because of her schizophrenia. It was his brother mostly that pushed him to do it though. So to compromise my dad was able to get them to leave my parents some land on the mountain. Its just a few acres of woods. Nothing is there right now people prob dont even know that its owned. My dads goal once was to build a cabin. I’ve thought it would be nice to have one in the middle of nowhere out in nature.

it is also fun to build, my grandpa has built so many beautiful cabin like luxurious houses–but then he flips them or sells them. strange how families can be. I guess mental illness can be a source of feeling cut off from the fam legacy. My uncle just recently sold his camp that he built from the ground up. It was my aunt and uncle’s dream to have this camp. shortly after she had my cousin, my cousin was 1 years old probably, she died when she went out for a drive to get milk. It started to storm and a large tree hit her van.

My uncle was left fulfilling the dream of having a camp on his own and raising my younger cousin who went on to an ivy league college and won awards for one of her writings. I think maybe your husband is having a mid-life crisis and wants to do something big with his life.

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Tell your husband to go live in the woods and you’ll send him a postcard in care of Smokey the Bear.



I say go for it. Hospice workers have told me that at the end of people’s lives the vast majority of their regrets is the things they didn’t do than the thing they did do.

Would your husband (and you) be open to buying a nice RV? You can live in it, and travel all over the US. You can go from campground to campground. Sort of living off the grid.


I say do it. But do a ton of research before going. Homesteading is really hard work. It’s also rewarding.

Who knows, you may like it and stay more than a year. He could work remote.