Is life a puzzle?

I feel life is like a puzzle to me. I constantly am trying to put together new pieces. Will the puzzle ever end. If I lived to 90 would it end. Maybe if i got Some brain disease god forbid but other than that maybe not till I die. I mean you never truly find out all the answers but at some point do you stop seeking.

That is an interesting way to look at things. :ram::ram::ram:

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If it were a puzzle that would mean the pieces fit and there’s some sort of grand design,

Life doesn’t work like that.

Its just chaos and you have to force the pieces you like together and discard the rest.


You’re right it doesn’t work like that and there were definitely moments in psychosis I felt the ending was never reachable but now a little more stable there are some more concrete answers but not all. That’s certainly why you can never figure out it all because life is very complex ■■■■ Is always changing rotating multiplying. But I felt it life were a game it gets a little easier in a lot of ways if you’re right and all

For me I wasn’t getting any answers because I was asking the wrong questions. A puzzle? Sure. A maze? Possibly.


Life is a highway.

I like your puzzle theory. I think its a good metaphor and alludes to the fact that things are falling into place for you. It doesnt sound like its just an ideology to you but an insight or a personal realisation.


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