Is it possible to

visit pdoc alone
i am very stressed
i am waiting doctor right now
and i am alone no one with me
is it possible to visit doctor alone without accompany ?
how should i expect the appointment will go ?
any thought r appreciated

It should be really safe. The doctor is not dangerous, he will not physically attack you of course and he won’t verbally attack you either. He’s paid to be professional, empathetic and easy to talk to. You don’t have to reveal every embarrassing moment in your life. You’ll be alright, you’ll just be sitting there having a conversation.


it’s ok to visit your pdoc alone… they used to drop me off at the pdoc at first but after a while my pdoc liked to talk to my mum too so then my mum started to come along with me to the pdoc. But you’ll be fine =)

Listen to @77nick77 . All true

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