Is it possible to train the mind..?

you can train the body, …IMO you can also train the mind


IMO the body lends itself to training much more than the brain.

You can train the mind very much. Depends what you want to train it for

That’s how we learn,

“Mind Training”.

Also, CBT.

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I’m training each day to feel well


well i’m traning my mind too feel well…

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My mind is trained. I train it to be in peak condition now. Oh wait is that my body? Or are they the same? So many questions, so many answers waiting to be uncovered. I’ll be out awhile, I’m going to the gym to study.

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ive trained my mind to feel and act well


Yes. You can train the brain. I started at algebra in college and ended up at real analysis. Same thing in English. I started writing paragraphs.

Mind training I find interesting is lucid dreaming and astral projection. I would love to be able to do either on demand

my mind is well trained now

Its not so fun… i feel infinitely less in control… slipping out of your body sounds fun… but with the ability to see comez the curse of being seen… they either fail to mention this part or dont actually project…

Who can see you?

People you don’t want to have see you.

I used to lucid dream while I was younger because I would have nightmares so I had to figure out how to take control of my dreams to make them not nightmares anymore.

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I’m just curious about astral projection if you care to elaborate

I don’t know anything about it except for what people have said. For all I understand is that you leave yourself “exposed” once you leave. And that’s the jist of what I get out of it.

@flameoftherhine can you shed more light on astral projection ?

I will answer 2 questions… this is a touchy subject… i cannot give you proof…i cannot give you a how to… im not entirely sure if its something people should actually do… im pretty good about telling hallucination from reality but this blurs all lines… @Moonwalker maybe pm me the questions… i may or may not answer…

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It’s hard to change behavior.