Is it possible that sex could worsen my psychosis?

Im wondering if it is possible that sex could make my psychosis worse?
I have been feeling very strange since I slept with that guy from online.
I can’t describe it better than delusional like
There are 144 levels of reality and he has seduced me in every single one
(And he knows it well)


No I don’t think it does but could be a result of extra stress from the situation ?


Maybe yes and maybe no, you shouldn’t focus on past, whatever it be very bad or very good go forward. And stay present focus on present moment


You’re basically off meds. You’re not on a therapeutic dose of seroquel. That’s the problem.


I agree with @everhopeful

You need to adress your medication and stop alcohol and drugs. In my opinion anyone who is susceptible to psychosis should strive to stay sober.


Sounds like a great question for your doctor or therapist. In the meantime, if you think it is triggering for you then avoid it.

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