Is it possible for this to have happened?

Can a young woman fall asleep in the middle of the pavement (middle - as in not near the shopside or the curb but in the middle) of a busy area in a busy beachside / surfing town And not be disturbed for about 8 hours before being woken up by a worried passer by?
(Just off the pedestrianised high street, near a pub one road from the beach …)

I don’t understand. Do you think this happened to you? I have seen homeless people in my old city passed out or sleeping on a sidewalk. I would think that laying on concrete would hurt.

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I think it happened to me yes… it’s just the “middle of the pavement” thing! I’m sure shop doorways people would pass by as I do
but the fact of being shaken awake long after dark in the middle of the pavement? I think I don’t know if that’s possible

Sorry to hear this, Chrystal. Sad to say, it could happen in some areas around here. Are you ok?

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For at least 8h?
What sort of place?
This was in a busy holiday town in summer uk

Are you ok, Crystal? Parts of the inner city is what first comes to my mind - at least in my area.

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hmmm…idk, but that does sound unusual to me. Have you lost some time?

Yes I’m okay
Thanks x


Yes between 2 or 4pm and roughly midnight

So sorry to hear this; it’s troubling, for certain. I can relate to losing time. Has this happened to you before?

I’m a little confused. How did you know how long you laid there? Are you saying that something happened to you when you were laying there all that time passed out? It is what it is. If it happened, it happened. What do you want to know? Are you saying you had a massive hallucination like John Nash in A Beautiful Mind?
What are the facts? It sounds like you fell asleep an then someone woke you up. Are you worried about what happened in between? Sorry about grilling you on this, I’m just trying to figure this out. Are you saying that perhaps maybe someone moved you to another place while you were asleep and than moved you back while you were asleep?

It’s the same old same old issue

I was with a guy who asked me into his car offering to smoke a huge lump of hash
Went to the beach in the morning

Gave me a final smoke with saying “this last one is just for you”.

Does this conflict with watching him drive away and sitting on a wall and feeling very tired ?
I don’t know how it got from early afternoon to I think about midnight

Seems incredible that someone would - if what he says is true - come down from Liverpool - 6h away - and pick up a shoeless girl for the night just to keep her safe?
If he was a good guy then the thing about watching him drive away is not made up but I don’t think that’s possible with the memory of being given a smoke to myself just before he left.
That sounds too suspicious
Sorry for going on about it
No new memories
Long time ago

should have reported it to the cops. It’s done now it’s the past.

Move to the future and the now…how are you going in the now?

I’ve found the past to be rather complicated. I haven’t been totally in control in numerous times and I can’t worry about those instances when I wasn’t…I’ve done some sketchy shite but it’s all over now… I don’t think it’s worthwhile thinking on the past…you need to move forward!

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I wouldn’t recommend it. There are a lot of creeps in this world who might try to take advantage of the situation.