Is it ok if i take my abilify every other day just until i am able to get meds

the insurance is doing something so i cant get meds until they approve it so i got my psychiatrist appointment for friday next week and i only have 6 pills left i dont really know what to do

I wouldn’t advice it without consultation from a pdoc but doesn’t seem you have a choice.

Sorry for your troubles - can you talk with your pharmacist?

Abilify has a very long Half life.
You could probably get away with it.
BUT I would get it approved by a pdoc.

It depends, some ppl after missing a dose lose it. I can go a few weeks and be ok. Can u get samples of it from somewhere? They are free, that’s what i’ve done.

Yes, my family doctor has given me free samples of Ability in the past.

One time when I was running out of meds with no way to get them replaced quickly, I called a crisis line and a volunteer there managed to get me put in touch with a doctor who was able to give me free samples of my meds to tide me over. I would have been in crisis without the meds as I was far from stable then and they helped hook me up to avert the crisis.

Maybe something to try?


When I couldn’t get in touch with my doctor and I ran out of an ongoing prescription my pharmacy advanced me 5 pills toward the next refill. Sometimes the pharmacy will do that.

If all else fails take it every other day. It’s going to be uncomfortable on the days you don’t take it though (headaches etc).