Is it finally a genetic disorder or i just had traumas?

Well, you know that my father was beating my mom and sister till death all his life and we lived in an very awkward environment with this… But he ended up in depression and even psychosis and died from it :confused: So maybe he was sick too…
For my family, they think that my illness is just genetic. They deny that i suffered from traumas, cause they think lots of people had it bad, but didnt turn sick and overcame the traumas… I start to believe lately too, that its genetic… I was very unhappy kid too btw, in a real pain even… Which is strange to be so unhappy and somatic and sick since kid…

Is sz genetic?
    • mostly genetic
    • mostly traumas
  • -both
    • no one knows it, not even the docs

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Tbh, my docs always asked me if we had other sz cases in my family…

Mental illness runs in my family. I have many ill relatives. I also suffered from trauma while growing up. I was physically beaten until I was black and blue. My father has explosive anger and could not control his temper. He beat my brother and me mercilessly with bloody rage in his eyes. I was taken out of high school because my parents could not explain my black and blue bruises everywhere. While I was growing up, nobody heard of DCFS. I am ok now but attract abusers and users all of the time. I also became mentally ill in my late twenties. I don’t blame anybody for becoming mentally ill. But, I do believe that my genetic risk and trauma led to my mental illness. I was angry for a while about it. Now, I am resigned. I have concluded to do the best with what I have. Anger about fate leads nowhere. I am happy with my life now. I turned out ok given the bad past I experienced. I am grateful for my life. I have no complaints. I thank God for my blessings.

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Maybe this doesnt make cool my family, may they firmly believe, that sz is mostly genetic for everyone in fact… Idk why they think this…
Also, will my emotional pain stop one day, why did the meds dont worked till now for me? :frowning:
@ciaociao1,i am sorry about your childhood, dear… I am glad you are better now… I was the witness of the same thing that you had on my sister etc… But she came out of it sane too. She has this kind of explosive character now, but she is a cool girl.

I think I had the nurture and I also have had the nature the more genetic component.

Whatever it was it was the perfect storm of things and it caused me a psychotic disorder.

Since pills improve sz, I would say its mostly genetic.

But is it common, that aps cant fix all the symptoms? Is it common to suffer still? I think lately, that i was denying the suffering before, while its in the human’s nature… But well, i am probably still remaining paranoid and i dont understand why i am it on meds? Its common for sz to have fight also by yourself for the sanity and the wellbeing? I have friends who come out completely sane after they are put on meds… Not me…

Also Wikipedia says its 70-80% genetic, I think the other 20-30% is mostly drug abuse/induced.

You don’t seem paranoid or insane to me. Why you think you are?

Idk, my doc was saying, that i cant think, cause i have mostly paranoid thoughts… Well, i have my fears around the others, they manifest even physically in my case… But i suffer from irritability towards the others too still tbh… I often cant listen too long to someones talking…
Well, maybe my sz is mostly in the low, i always sabotage myself too… I never believed in any future for me, since kid, i was living myself as a sinner, i was blaming myself for my sz, maybe i suffer from this now…

This is a sz negative symptoms. Maybe you just have severe negative symptoms like me. I stay in bed most of the time.

This is also a negative or cognitive symptom. I too cant listen or talk for long.

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So you think, that we are not fine even on meds, because of the negatives? Maybe yeap, yeah…
My ex pdoc said, that i have paranoid sz with mostly negative symptoms. So we should fight now? Not give up? Pls, aziz, try to fight too…
The emotional pain is also a negative? :thinking:

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For me yes. Meds stopped my hallucinations and delusions but I still have severe negative symptoms. My dr said there is no meds yet but I believe its permanent brain damage and nothing can be done.

He talked about antipsychotics history when they were invented some were able to function in society but others who developped negative symptoms did not improve and weren’t functional in society, they stayed very dependent on others. But at least I am happy that I dont have a more severe illness like severe intellectual disability or cancer etc

I have real and imagined traumas from schizophrenia. I guess its genetic too. Theres really no answer here. I got schizophrenia early on from randomness or mutations. I still think aliens, government, and illuminati gave me insanity based on my flawed psychosis…

I remember aliens, being abducted, taken, hurt, dying, resurrecting, meeting too many people, etc.

I had the wrong ideas/delusions, i was john titor and satoshi nakamoto even though im not. At one point, i even thought i was q but im definitely not. I thought aliens were behind it.

I thought i was put in these illuminati/shadow government/deep state programs of hell or worse.

None of it is real, but i have the strong illusion i keep reincarnating just to suffer for eternity…

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