Is getting off medicine possible for schizophrenic?

It is said schizophrenic must take antipsychotic forever??Is there any chance I can stop my meds??I had relapse for quite a few times,more then 5 inside tens years,but even now I am on low doses of meds

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For some people it is. @ZombieMombie is off antipsychotics

But given that you have had multiple relapses I’d say you will need to be on them for life. Be happy you only need a low dose. And be happy they work. Many people with schizophrenia are treatment resistant.

I’ll be on them for life, I’m fine with that. I like my antipsychotic. It keeps me stable, I can work and socialize and have a much more normal life.


Most szics need meds for life. Some can live off meds with symptoms but only a minority can live off meds without any symptoms.


This wasn’t covered well enough in the hundreds of previous threads on this topic?

Possible? Yes. Probable for most of us? No. The majority of us will need meds for life. Even the ones who go off APs still seem to need other meds like ADs. Something to discuss with your doctor.


I mean 5% or less.

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I firmly believe im gonna be on meds for life. But it aint so bad - one pill a night and a monthly jab, and life stays easy.

I reckon there is a small proportion of people that can do it without meds, But going on the history of the site - most of us on here need to be on something.


I didn’t take my meds yesterday and I’m already having more symptoms.

@Aziz how did it go with vraylar?

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I haven’t seen a pdoc yet. The clinic said they will call me later to see if my symptoms require a pdoc. I am waiting on their call. I don’t have a pdoc since Jan 2021.

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It’s unbelievable. I recently saw my new psychiatrist after two years of not having a follow up. The psychiatrists keep quitting around here. I hope this one stays.

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I also had to convince my family dr to give me a psychiatric consultation referral paper to be able to see a pdoc. Here you need a gp referral to see a pdoc, you can’t see a pdoc without one.

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Here in Sweden we have a contact person (a nurse) that are appointed to every each case. We have to ask them for appointments. We have call the nurse and make an appointment with them and they decide if we can see the doc.

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I’m off APs, but take an AD. I also have an AD prn on hand if I start to go sideways

Yes. I hope I will not be reprimanded for this… But I only took antipsychotics for five months, before I demanded to come off them because of the effect it had on me. While I agree it is not easy, I find that I have recovered beyond 80% only because I allowed the mind to repair it self.

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I decided to quit APs with my docs assistance

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I was told if I mess about with my medication again I will be put back on depot’s through the courts.
I didn’t even know they could do this.

Without my medication my head goes west so this is why I’ve been threatened with this

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Not for me. I’ve tried being off meds - the first time it lasted five years, and most recently it lasted less than five days.

For me, I started having symptoms after two days of dropping my morning dose.

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5 years with meds
3 month off
Couldnt control myself i was binge wasting my money and talking allot

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Yea I know,for me I need it…maybe some other don’t ,I am just curious

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@yinyang . It’s not a drama these days to translate with google but we are an English speaking website. Please refrain from posting in anything other than English. Appreciate your understading on these things.