Is anyone on here not schizophrenic or diagnosed as psychotic?

I’m just curious…

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I have OCD, Major depressive disorder, avoidant personality disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder. I joined this site out of concern that I may be developing schizophrenia.

I have periods of psychosis and rapid cycling moods but I also have negative symptoms without mood symptoms.
I came here last August after I had a week long psychosis of voices from elsewhere telling me an elaborate plan on how I would make billions by building this machine that easily converted saltwater into freshwater.
I wrote so much down. They showed me on Google all the information and suppliers and how to and the chemistry of it all. It was insane. I thought it was the real deal!
Then I started seeing weird cloud energy shapes in my room at night again then they would try and give me more powers to accept more knowledge.
Then they turned on me and said they were going to ■■■■ me up.

That’s when I realised I still have psychotic symptoms and that what I was experiencing is not some revelation…

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As my name suggests, I have bipolar disorder. I feel that I can relate much more to sz’s than “normal” people though. From my experience, bipolar forums and chat rooms are typically inferior to sz forums and chats.

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I am diagnosed with paranoid personality disorder which is seen as part of the schizophrenia spectrum. It is not regarded as a “psychotic” disorder in that psychosis doesn’t dominate but it can occur for brief periods due to stress etc.
Currently I wouldn’t qualify(at least I don’t think so) as psychotic but past notes mention “delusions” and a request for a bus pass about 5 years ago mentioned “psychotic symptoms”.
At appointments I tend to get asked questions to see if psychosis is present.
Any psychosis I may have had or still have in traits(ie below the threshold for a clinical dx of psychosis) has been, I would say, “mild” compared to many or most here.

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@mortimermouse Not your fault but this kind of question is a hard one re the whole “psychotic or not” thing. I go through patches of “yes I have been psychotic, albeit mildly” to "Psychosis and me? WTF! ". What I do know is that I am on medication for schizophrenia/bipolar 1/psychosis and when I got lax with it, ie turning up late, they were round my place with the injection and giving me a lecture on not being late for it.
My brain tells me they think I must have a propensity towards psychotic thinking or why do they think it important I am not late for the depots.

It would be me.

I have schizoaffective disorder.

Right now my DX is bipolar, it was schizoaffective with my past psychiatrist and therapist - but who in the ■■■■ knows anymore - I myself am totally confused.

My big psychotic symptom in the past were delusions - Anxiety is a major issue for me, I tend to fear everything, this is partially due to growing up with panic disorder - fear was a constant emotion with me especially during my impressionable early childhood years - seems like I never got past this fear based stage according to her - this makes sense

My list includes major depression, generalized anxiety, avoidant personality, dependant personality, attention deficit, obessive-compulsive, aaaand schizophrenia. I personally think that everything wrong with me can be boiled down to just schizophrenia though.

I have had long stretches of voice hearing and a few other experiences of limited duration, with a dx of psychosis nos. i still occasionally have short experiences while waking from sleeping or tactile hallucinations during the day. I don’t generally suffer from delusions though, am on only a single medication and have been told I have “excellent insight”. My pdoc considers me a “high IQ adaptation”, lol.

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I’m diagnosed as Fabulous. Oh, and disorganized type schizophrenia.



I am not-but my son is.
There is now a question of:
Borderline personality disorder

rather then paranoid SZ

You have the best icon photo ever.
I’m just saying.
Pusheen is the bomb.

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Haha thanks yeah pusheen is awesome :slight_smile:

Learn something new everyday… can’t say I knew what a Pusheen was until now…


I am not schizophrenic. My little brother is. This site really helps me with insight on the disease.

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Likewise bipolar (for decades) and given to paranoid delusions and “stinking thinking” when missing (or too low-dosed on) Seroquel quetiapine, as well as out of touch with REBT / SIQR / 10 StEP CBT practice. I can also get exceeding behaviorally bizarre. Most other bipolars put me off with their stimulus-chasing. And people with sz make more sense to me.