Is anyone hungry?

I can’t drive I rely on my dad to get my groceries. I’ve been out for about a week & am living off apples. I’m so hungry I’m tempted to eat my cat. He just keeps forgetting.

Tell your dad to go out and you some more food

I’ve told him several times. He either forgets or something comes up. He’s a busy person. The cat that stays here is literally his cat and cute too but I’m so hungry. Ok I’m not literally going to eat the cat.

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Sometimes cats are tasty. Put it in a taco, mmm.


If you were the size of a mouse your cat would not hesitate to eat you

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Call a crisis line and let them know what is happening.

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A cats life is at stake here

Be careful! You know what they say, “You are what you eat.”. meow

Chinese eat cats dogs all the time
Nice bit curry sauce you wront notice the difference

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Thankfully, for your sake. Cats may act dumb, but they actually know more about what’s going on than they let on. They’re always listening to you, but don’t care if they think it’s irrelevant to them. :wink:

It’ll b alright. He’s going shopping today. I’m 100 lbs overweight anyway.

@shellys12. The cat is sleeping peacefully. I have some tortilla chips too. Oh & I have a baked potato.

If I don’t get food today I’m gonna call somebody else besides he lives next door & says I can eat over there anytime I need to. He gave me some rice, peas, & potatoes but I’ve eaten them

You can’t let your father forget to get you food This isn’t like he’s forgetting to empty the trash or forgetting to pick you up a pad of paper or something at the drugstore. Food is a necessity. Its life subsistence. It’s your health. You two have to work something out.

Was anyone else hoping he ate the car right as his dad walked in with food…lol i jest

I have access to lots of veggies. It’s just getting used to being a vegetarian. He keeps canned veggies in a trailer next to his house. He told me about it yesterday. My body just isn’t used to only veggies.
The cats safe for now.

It’s funny but not. I’m so freakin hungry. I have get used to canned veggies. My dad told me where he keeps them yesterday…

When he finally brings me food I think Ill volunteer to feed the homeless…

It is recommended that people tell their doctor before starting any diet. It might be the same for becoming a vegetarian too but I’m not sure. I think it is recommended for safety reasons, to see if you’re body can handle certain diets. If you have certain medical problems currently or a history of certain health problems it could be a danger to your physical health to go on some diets. It might be true for being a vegetarian too. Better safe than sorry, right? Some peoples metabolism can’t handle changes in their daily diet.

Be careful with vegetarianism. I know someone who gained a lot of weight after becoming one. And also know someone who was on it for awhile then after so long they could no longer afford it and gained a whole bunch of weight because their metabolism changed and couldn’t handle regular food anymore. You have to be able to know what foods to eat and when. Plus, if you can afford it, that’s great. Can you afford it forever? Might want to think about that.

Trust me once my dad brings the food I’ll b a meat eater again. He was going to shop yesterday but felt sick so he told me about the food he keeps in a trailer next to his house. It’s all canned veggies…

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