Is anybody on this site bald or partially bald?

I am partially bald on the back of my head.

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I’m bald and buzz what’s left of my hair.
When I was younger I had so much hair!

I kept my hair long and sported a beard for many years.


@Wave - Why did you get rid of your display picture? Just curious.

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No, but I have some thinning on the top back of my head.

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My hair was receding for a while but has stopped since I haven’t been working.

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Just for a little change.
I’ll switch back soon @TheCanuk :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I’ve lost a lot of my hair especially in the front.

i have receeding hairline, i just buzz my head, it’s thinning out on top i’ll probably be bald up top by age 45, but who knows, i consider myself bald though, im used to it. in fact i wish i could speed up the balding process and lose my hair quicker, so i can pull off the shaved bald head look haha

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No. But sometimes I shave myself bald.

I have a balding spot on the top so I buzz my hair the shortest possible with WAHL clippers.

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