Is anybody having a good day

Is anybody having a good day? I need something positive to think about.


Yes i had a reason to leave the house without risking a fine. I got my injection today.


Lol looks like not many people are having a good day

I certainly didn’t

On the bright side my diet starts tomorrow

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I had a good day. It was boring but good.

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my day was pretty good, i was out in the garden and i cleaned part of the patio, had a chat with a neighbour at distance and put a neighbours bin bag in the bin (because he is elderly) the man from the pet shop emptied his hoover into the bin and i was standing next to it and the dust was everywhere and i felt like say ‘what the hell’ stupid ass, i then had to loan a friend £20 bc his bank was shut or something, luckily his dog didnt jump on me.

today i’ve been working on my clubhouse radio show and i made a whole hour of another show a personal one :slight_smile: pretty good huh? but its more about the music than anything else.

Yeah, I’ve had an ok day.


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