Is 77nick77 a troll?

I was just wondering from the post the other day. He posted some inflammatory absolutely disgusting comments about trying to sleep with 3 billion women. I’m new here so I don’t know if he is active a lot. I was just disgusted by his comments.

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I think he just likes to have fun a lil :smile:


he was just joking. I have paranoia, so I understand where you’re coming from. I was somewhat surprised by the comment, too.

by the way, that thread was days ago. I’m wondering why you’re referring to it now?

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You have to look at motive and intent. He didn’t mean to offend people. Nobody is perfect, nobody’s statements are pleasing to everyone.


no 77nick77 is not a troll I don’t know the comments from which you are speaking of. but he is a trusted member of this forum. I don’t mean to be mean just saying. if I seem angry I don’t mean to be I’m really not.


I stopped reading the thread when things got ethnic, probably why I didn’t realize the recent attention it received.

Thank you for saying something too. I don’t find that type of behavior funny either.

It was just a little joke. Nick is a very helpful, supportive guy who was just feeling a bit lonely. Instead of complaining, he made it into a joke, because humor is his coping mechanism. Apparently some people were offended by it.


I thought it was a really funny thread.





I actually thought it was a real beleif .

That he really thought woman were getting together so that he would not ever havd sex again.

Like a paranoid beleif or thought.

I did not know it was a joke.

I did not take offence.
If one beleives such things …

Someone deleted some of the comments on that thread, before it got locked :lock:

This one could be locked next, same subject matter!

Pixel is in self imposed exile, so it may take a while :wink:

Where is @velociraptor?

Click on your tag of him :slight_smile:

Banned until Dec 29th

That’s weird. When I typed in his tag, his test account name came up @pixeltestacct. - lol

How dare you? Out of hundreds of posters here you pick up a long time respected member and wonder ‘if he is a troll’?
Well go look at his other posts and threads, much easier than asking provocative and unthoughtful questions like this, like you don’t know that Nick will be hurt by it.
He is, amongst other qualities, also very sensible human being.

I would ask mods to lock this thread and “troll busters” to take a break. :expressionless:

@rhubot @Moonbeam @Minnii


77nick77 is a fun person. Never fails fails make me laugh, even when the topic is a serious one. I have nothing against them.
I believe many others on here can say the same thing.


@chew. I’m noticing @Patrick has been absent too ?