Invega : Weight gain, blurry vision, tics and cognitive decline

I recently had an episode that caused me to be in inpatient for a week to get my medications adjusted.

I’m now taking Invega alongside my Haldol, and I’ve gained twenty pounds in a month and a half, my vision goes through periods where I can barely see anything further than three feet away, my left eye is experiencing twitching and I am dealing with a wealth of memory and cognitive issues that I am struggling with.

Is this normal for Invega?

Shoudl I contact my doctor with these side effect concerns?

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Never had this while on Invega.

I’m on Invega Trinza (525mg)

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Are you on the depot or pills?

I take the pills I have eye twitching that comes and goes but my eyes have always done that.

Ive gained 70lbs on Invega, so weight gain seems normal.

The pills. I refuse to take injections.

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Oh dear, my back is already stressed from twenty. :frowning:

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Dear dowe to say it hopefully without upsetting you but I rate the side-effects you got of that mix as very severe. In your case I would seek advice and treatment by a shrink.

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no thats not normal at all
tell your doctors about these SIDE EFFECTS you have to help you
good luck

I take the max dose of Invega and also had some weight gain. I also have blurry vision but I don’t know if it are the meds that are causing that.

Yes, you should contact your pdoc.

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I take Invega Trinza 819mg. I don’t have any side effects that I’m aware of. It’s really hard for me to lose weight but it was hard to lose weight even before I started taking Invega.

Thank you. That’s pretty much where I am on the issue.

I’m still trying to reestalish services due to financial hardship but as soon as I get my ducks in a row I’ll be sure to do that.

The weight gain is normal once you add more antipsychotics to the mix

All of these are possible, blurry vision and tics are less common though. Sounds like a lot of side effects maybe swap?

İ definetly remember having serious memory issues on invega sustenna i was forced to take 7 injections starting with xeplion 150mg injection during that time i remember i couldnt remember anything my mind was always blank like i would get up in the morning go to work i would forget everything on the way the lack of memory was so serious i would have to drive somewhere to get something done and i would forget where i was going what i was doing on the way and i would have to do some serious digging and searching in my mind order to find out who i was what my job was and what i needed to do thank god i am off that drug now