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Well, here I am schizoaffective, since a year and a half, before that Iwas complety lost. my parents divorced when I was three, in a family quarrel of major proportions. I’ve been in the middle of my grandparents, my uncles and everybody, including my parents. I was diagnostocada ocn depression at 6 years, then I had my first suicide attempt at 10, and all the rest wine in climbing, at thirteen began the voices senseless visions of “ghosts” and decided to find Dioseso helped by three añosaunque depression and voices were not going at all, besides I shut myself in myself, could read a thousand pages in a week. I moved in with my dad when I was 16, and there it all started, I could not control anything, I became obsessive, aggressive and his wife I finally sack this house “for the sake of my brothers” When I Was 17 an a half. I returned with my mother, and it’s all discussions and anguish for me, I went on my own and I got the psychiatrist diagnosis of major depression and my paternal grandmother, then my father became interested and took me to a second opinion. He has been responsible for medicines, but not talk about it. My mother made me exorcise twice and I think it plans a third time.Now I have daily alusinaciones, even with medicine, do not do well in college, I want to give up, because I can not fight to raise its head every day, knowing that I will not be well. (Sorry for mistakes, english is my second language)

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Welcome Galope…!! We all face similar trouble…!!!

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You write very well in English I think!

Don’t give up hope, this forum is a community where you can read the stories of people with schizophrenia.

If you have been diagnosed with schizophrenia this place will be very helpful for you.

I love this forum more than I will admit.

Don’t give up, keep fighting, it will get easier.

@far_cry0 that is what is fantastic to me this forums. It makes me feels I am not alone.


Welcome to the forum @galope !

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I’m sorry your childhood was so rough,

did you ever get in trouble with the law?
I hung out with kids similar,

and the police were always after them.

Sorry for your rough childhood. You speak Spanish by any chance? I do. I know life will get better for you. In childhood unfortunately we are often left at the mercy of our environment. But as life progresses we have more control over ourselves. i wish you the best.

Welcome to the forums!

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Not to forgot mine childhood also passed with alot of trouble and misery…that gave rise to mental illness…!!!

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@Daze No , I do not have troubles with law, I never had.

Thanks you for the welcome…

Yes, I do speak spanish and a bit of french, so if it is easier to you do it in that language would be great for me .

Hola, de que país eres? Je parle un petit peu de Frances aussi.

Welcome to the site. :slight_smile:

Volunteer moderator.

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Colombia, latinoamerica.

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Hi there !:blush:
Hope you will enjoy the site and find support,online socialising and so forth.

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Don’t give up hope!! And welcome to the forums!!